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Spring Classes

Babysitting  Class (3rd Grade and up)
Tuesday March 29  3:30-5:00  $20
Sunday April 17 3:30-5:00  $20

Our instructor, Arlo Jones will walk you through how to make a safe space for a baby, how to entertain a fussy baby, and tricks in keeping a baby happy.  You will leave this class with a certificate and confidence in being a Mother's helper. Snack and tea provided.

crochet chick.jpeg
Crochet Chick (1st grade and up)
Monday, April 4th and Wednesday, April 6th  3:30-5:00  $30

Come get together with your peeps for a fun crochet project. We will learn how to create this cute chick using single crochet and a magic ring. Beginners welcome. 1st grade and up. The class will be in 2 segments. Snack and tea provided

baby painting.jpg
Baby Painting  0-24 months
Tuesdays, May 3, 10, and 17  9:00-10:00am $30 for all three classes

Its about the process and not the product when it comes to baby artists. Come join us and let your baby explore some edible paint.  Dress for a mess!

knitted bunny.jpeg
Knitted Bunnies (1st Grade and up)
Tuesday & Thursday April 12th and 14th 3:00-5:00pm $30

Hop on over and learn how to knit!  We will be working on the garter stitch to make the cutest bunny ever.  The class is in two segments. Snack and Tea will be provided.

Terrific Terrariums (3k and up)
Saturday, April 23  2:00-4:00pm $30

Come and build  a miniature habitat with its own water cycle.  We will learn about moss and lichens.  We will talk about soil and parts of a plant.  Snack and tea will be provided.

Spanish Conversation Class (5th Grade and up)
Tuesdays April  4th, 11th, and 18th 4:30-5:30  $20 for all 3 classes

Want to practice your Spanish? Come join us for a wonderful time conversing over snacks and tea. Beginners welcome!

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