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About Us

Enriched With Wonder was founded with one purpose - to build a space for all students to grow, learn and create through intrinsic motivation. We believe in the Montessori philosophy of "following the child".  We are dedicated to giving children knowledge and tools and skills to create with no demands on proving what they know.  This leaves the child free to focus on his natural pathway of learning.


“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.”  -E.B. White

Our Space


For forty years Columbia Montessori Children’s House operated at 1220 Woodrow St. as a Montessori school in a tight knit neighborhood. It had two beautiful classrooms. Generations of Columbia children were able to grow in joyful learning in the two buildings.  Sadly it closed in 2014.  For a few years the buildings were Melrose School of Art, then they became rentals.  Fast forward 7 years, the goal is to re-open this

neighborhood treasure so the buildings can again be filled with love and laughter. At this time, the front building 1220A Woodrow is an Airbnb.  1220B Woodrow is now the home of Enriched with Wonder, a place where children can explore their sense of wonder.  Enriched with Wonder has found much support in  Columbia Children's House Alumni  and  Melrose Heights neighbors and the Melrose Heights Neighborhood Association.

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