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Teacher Workday Camps

Enriched with Wonder Teacher Workday Camp Calendar

We will do fun activities like, woodworking, weaving, sewing, crochet, cake decorating, etc.  Activities will be planned based on the interests and ages of children enrolled.


January 3rd Teacher workday/ no school 9:00-1:00

January 13th Teacher workday ½ day 11:15-3:00

February 17th Teacher workday/ no school ½ 11:15-3:00

February 20th Teacher Workday/no school ½ 11:15-3:00

March 13th Teacher Workday/ no school 9:00- 1:00

March 20th Teacher Workday/no school 9:00-1:00

April 28th Teacher Workday/no school ½ 11:15-3:00

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