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Enriched With Wonder

"You Can't Use Up Creativity,

the More You Use the More You Have"

- Maya Angelou


"Play is the highest form of research."

-Albert Einstien

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Summer 2024

Now accepting applications for 2024/25 school year for children 2-9 yearsold

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“Education is a journey, not a race".

Rudolph Steiner

What we do

Enriched With Wonder aims to create spaces where learning is joyful. We understand that a child has a natural drive to acquire knowledge. We encourage children to follow their interests and discover new ones .

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We offer 1:1 tutoring using Montessori Materials for children 18 months and up.  Math, Reading, and Writing are joyfully explored through beautiful hands-on materials.   We also tutor in Spanish Language from toddler to high school.   Contact us for more information


Wondering how to set up an environment at home that encourages joyful learning?  We can help you develop a space in your home that will develop your child's natural love for learning through exploration in both the indoor and outdoor environment. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Coming soon!

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1220B Woodrow St., Columbia, SC 29205


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"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom"
- Socrates

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