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April 11 - 15
The Drawing Board

This week we will use our drawing skills to draw lifelike interpretations of what we see.  We will learn techniques for making our pictures realistic reflections.   We will practice drawing from still life.   We will draw from our observations in nature.  We will also use our drawing skills to design and plan a woodworking project.

June 6 - 10
Wonderful World of Weaving

Join us as we learn the magic of weaving. We will weave words into stories.We will weave fibers into fabric.And we will use natural materials to weave baskets.

June 20 - 24
Super Science of Slime

Want to keep your house clean but your child wishes to make slime?  At Enriched with Wonder we love mess, sensorial experiences, and science experiments. We will learn chemistry as we make different types of slime.  We will also learn about slime like substances in nature like fish eggs, snail slime, and slime molds.

June 27 - July 24
The Golden Touch

Join us for a deep dive into the Montessori Golden Beads.  We will play through all four operations using materials.  Older children will be able to learn the golden bead frame.  We will also explore how gold is an important element and how it has captivated human culture.

July 5 - 8
May the Fourths be with you

Join us for a week filled with fraction fun.  We will make food that can be divided equally.  Hello pies, cakes, and pizzas! We will fraction out our time and learn adding and subtracting parts of a whole.  We will also explore origami. It will be a whole lot of fun!

July 11 - 15

We will explore the microscopic world by looking closely at everything around us through the looking glass. Using a microscope, we will discover what things look like close-up.  We will learn about insects and fungi and tiny things in the water and soil.  We will make our own miniature environment in a terrarium.

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